5 Weeks (Out at Sea)

5 weeks.
That’s how long I guess it’s been.
And I was done before we could ever begin.
Sleepless nights spent on conversations that turned out to be meaningless
I don’t understand.
What happened?

I thought you took me out to sea
But you never thought we left the shore
You never even wanted to
Now I don’t know where to go anymore.

My compass is broken.
I thought it was water damage, but since there was no water, I must have dropped it on the rocks
When I was standing on the dock.
Or did I fall off the dock?
‘Cause I can’t think straight anymore, my head’s in shock.
Only when you talk to me do I see anything clearly
But then you leave again, and the fog comes rolling in

And now I see it wasn’t me,
You’ve taken someone else out to sea
out to see…

And I get it.
Even when I thought we were on the sea, it wasn’t like a fantasy
No big bright stars or fireworks, no lightning strikes or even singing birds.
just us,
on the water,

What’s wrong with me?
I hate to ask this I can’t ask this I have to ask this
What didn’t you see in me?
What don’t you want from me?
What do you need to see in me to want to take me out to sea?
to want to take me out to see…

I fake my pride like I fake my smile
And you think everything’s alright
You say every day I shine so bright
I thought you thought I was a light,
a star you might want to see at night,
but you don’t want me in the night,
I’ve figured out, that like a star,
you don’t see me in daylight.

7 months.
Since I came to the shore.
5 months.
Since we got in the boat.
2 months.
Since I realized I was alone.
5 weeks.
Since you took her out to sea.
5 weeks.
Since you took her out to see.
1 week.
Since you told me.

Now all I see is fog and debris
And everything you never wanted to be.
Everything you never wanted to be
with me.

2 thoughts on “5 Weeks (Out at Sea)

  1. Wow – very well-written poem telling a story. Interesting and carries the reader along on its waves – if that helps any…..


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