Before My Best Friend’s Wedding

I'm about to fly home tomorrow, land, get on another plane, and go see my best friend from high school get married. I'm 23 and have only had one relationship thus far. That's okay, I'm not sensitive about it, but it does still strike me as a little odd to be in this position. I'm … Continue reading Before My Best Friend’s Wedding

Why I Don’t Want to Marry Rich

In society there is a widespread stereotype that women want to marry rich, particularly in traditional, cisgendered, heterosexual couples (though it is not at all exclusive to those pairings, that is what I will be focusing on in this post. Sorry! I really want to have a more inclusive discussion, but I don't have enough … Continue reading Why I Don’t Want to Marry Rich

5 Weeks (Out at Sea)

5 weeks. That's how long I guess it's been. And I was done before we could ever begin. Sleepless nights spent on conversations that turned out to be meaningless I don't understand. What happened? I thought you took me out to sea But you never thought we left the shore You never even wanted to … Continue reading 5 Weeks (Out at Sea)

Letters From Exchange: The One Where I’m Done With Classes

I still have one final exam and two final papers, but as of today I am officially done with lectures in Norway. Once those finals are done I'll be 75% done with my┬ábachelor's degree. Wow. Three years can sure go by faster than you'd expect. I suppose it hasn't helped that I've been moving around … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The One Where I’m Done With Classes