stars & sailboats

I. am. tired.
You exhaust me.
I’m trying to fight for you but it’s almost like you’re fighting against me.
If I am the north star trying to help you figure out in which direction to head, you are both the ship missing a sail and the clouds that cover me up.
I can only do so much.
You exhaust me.
And I’m trying to help but I’m keeping my distance, staying up here in the night sky, and you cannot begrudge me for finding my place because you are experienced and are supposed to know how to navigate these waters no matter the weather while I am still learning to shine.
I’m really not the north star. I’m more like ten stars east and two stars south.
No one knows my name yet, and I’m trying to shine brighter each day but you keep clouding up my sky.
You exhaust me.
I can see the water much better from up here, but I can only tell you which direction to go in so many times before I burn out.
You need to look beyond your missing sail at all the working oars and sailors on board.
You need to look beyond these dark waters at the horizon.
And you need to let me shine for me.


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