Giving Thanks

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving (I know Americans, it’s a month and a half early and you are not ready for that much turkey yet, but just bear with me), and with this time of year being as stressful as it is, it’s important to remember what you’re thankful for, regardless of the day. As hard as those midterms are, you wouldn’t be able to take them if it weren’t for some incredible circumstances, so take the time this Monday to think of what those things are. Here are some of mine:

My friends & family
I often say that I don’t need anyone in life, but I know I would be a lot more miserable without them, and yet they always stay. I’m grateful that no matter how ridiculous and weird I am, my friends and family show a never-ending stream of love and support that I would not be where I am without.

My personal drive
I’m one of the laziest people I know, but that’s at a constant struggle with a personal drive to achieve everything I can and more. I’m grateful that for as long as I can remember I have been driven by my ambitions and the belief that I will do something big. I know without that drive these days when I’m stressed out of my mind would seem a lot less worth it.

 My pets
I’m so grateful for these two furballs that came into my life a little unexpectedly and put up with every dumb thing I do to them. Seriously, they deserve a medal. They don’t care if I love them (they mostly love my mom), but it’s so nice to have their presence when I go back home.

Good music
And bad music, for that matter. Music in general is so lovely and so encompassing of human emotions. It doesn’t have to be in your language, it doesn’t have to be in any language, it just exists to represent the emotions you don’t know how to express yourself, be them deep or shallow. It lifts you up, it motivates you, it comforts you when you’re sad. I’m grateful for music and all that make it.

All of the silent helpers
You know who you are, and I’m incredibly grateful for you. To every single person that has some way made my life easier without a simple thank you: bus drivers, janitors, cooks, copy editors, teachers, sales associates, servers, factory workers, and so many people I still won’t remember. It’s rare that anyone dreams of doing those things, but we need them to be there, and they do their jobs wonderfully.

My opportunities
I know that I’m privileged. I’m a white, middle class American, and with that comes more opportunities than most of the global population can even consider. I’m so grateful that I get to pursue a higher education, even with my student loans, because I have a government that provides them, and that I get to choose what career and path in life I want. I’m grateful that I had the luxury to choose to study History, to go on exchange, to travel, and to continue to live my life this way. I hope I never fail to use that privilege for good.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, reading this right now, reading my other posts or watching my videos, thank you so very much. I know there aren’t a lot of you out there, and every view means something to me. You make me feel like I can do this life thing, that I can make it work if I just keep going. So thank you for giving me some of your time. You’re wonderful.

Let me know in the comments what you’re grateful for today and every day. Maybe it’s a specific person, or maybe it’s the way the sun shines in your room. My list was rather big topics but that doesn’t mean yours has to be. I hope you’re all doing well. x.


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