The One Where I’m a Fraud

I’m a writer…am I?
I write essays for school. I write for this blog. It’s not very good.
I want to write books, but I don’t actively write my book often enough to say I write books.
So am I a writer?

But if I say I just want to be a writer, will I ever be one?

I feel like a fake. A fraud.

I’m a history student and I want to write professionally, which means no one expects me to amount to much except myself. I’ts a matter of defending myself against the questions, which just makes me question myself.
Am I even any good at anything? Does any of this even matter? Why is anyone reading this? What am I even doing??

Sorry to bother you.

2 thoughts on “The One Where I’m a Fraud

  1. I was suffering from this dilemma not too long ago. My answer?
    First thing’s first – you keep writing if you want to be a writer. Everything else will stem from there. Just keep going!


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