Missed Connections

“I wanted to know more about you,” if not in the moment, he’d at least have a way with words after the fact. “I wanted to know everything but instead couldn’t ask anything…” This was the fifth missed connections post he’d written in the last…three months? He hadn’t actually found the girls he was writing … Continue reading Missed Connections


(tw: self-harm/cutting) “Hello,” her hand raised, she assessed her reflection. Maybe not. “Hi…hey, what’s up?” Definitely not. This wasn’t some girl scout meeting (not that that would be much better), she wasn’t going to meet her best friends and sing kumbaya. Why did she even have to go to this stupid thing? She knew the … Continue reading Greeting

Animals: A Dirty Love Story

I thought I'd seen all the mud in the world, all the different kinds, until today. I was just minding my own business, eating the slop in my pen, when suddenly I heard this loud beeping noise! Oh I was so scared! I squealed and squealed but it just wouldn't stop. Then I heard the … Continue reading Animals: A Dirty Love Story

Outside the Window

A faint smile graced her lips, a sigh of relief coming out, as each morning felt a little cooler than the last. Summer was almost over. Soon the leaves would change their colours, the air becoming brisk. Before she knew it the whole world would be white again. It was funny how the seasons kept … Continue reading Outside the Window

The Mistake That Caused the Disaster

She wished she could take it all back, every last bit. She'd have to, because she didn't even know what did it, what caused such an astronomical disaster as this. Maybe it was the way she wore her hair, each piece specifically unkempt. She hadn't washed it in years, and she didn't even own a … Continue reading The Mistake That Caused the Disaster