Mirror, Mirror

"Stop touching your face so much, you're the reason it looks like that." "Why are you so obsessed with yourself?" "Okay but we do look good let's be real." "Seriously, stop digging craters in our skin." "No, that foundation is not your shade." "Yes, your butt is getting flabby." "We've had better outfits, but I … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror

Letters From Inside: 23 Years

Today I am 23 years old. 8 year-old Amanda, are you proud? 23 years...(see "23" by MikeWillMadeIt ft. Miley, Wiz, and Juicy J) At 23 years I am finally healthy, or at least closer to healthy than I've ever been. I'm a teacher, I live in South Korea. I've lived in four different countries now, … Continue reading Letters From Inside: 23 Years

Things Go Wrong, Deal With It.

I told myself I would write a new blog post every Saturday, so here goes nothing: This past week I've been working hard, trying to balance school and work and maybe actually doing homework sometimes. It's had more ups than downs and overall I'm highly satisfied, but one day that stuck out most was Wednesday. … Continue reading Things Go Wrong, Deal With It.