Quirky Cultural Differences (#6)

This is long overdue, and becoming less quirky with time. I just really like the title. Sue me. Not to complain about my own life back home, but undergrad is significantly easier here. The selection and quality of cheese is pitiful. I've come to (sadly) understand that frozen burritos are a North American thing. Skin … Continue reading Quirky Cultural Differences (#6)

10 Quirky Cultural Differences in Norway

I thought I would share with you the video I made about ten of my favorite quirky cultural differences from the series of posts I've made on this blog. In the video I elaborate on some of the things I've noticed with stories of why they're strange or annoying to me, so if you like … Continue reading 10 Quirky Cultural Differences in Norway

Quirky Cultural Differences #5: Norway

This one is long overdue. No one believes in top sheets here. Ikea doesn't even sell them. You have a sheet over your mattress and a blanket, that's it. Girls in the changing rooms are 100% okay with nudity. In fact, most people don't realize that most North American girls think that's weird (we all … Continue reading Quirky Cultural Differences #5: Norway

The Norwegian Weekend of Festivals

Never before have I heard of one place having so many festivals in one month as Oslo is this September. The busiest weekend I would have to say was the one that just passed, of the 12th and 13th. "But Amanda," you protest, "the 12th and 13th were a Friday and Saturday, what about Sunday?" … Continue reading The Norwegian Weekend of Festivals

Quirky Cultural Differences #4: Norway

Professors don't only use slides/whiteboards, but it is still very common to see chalkboards in the classes. Instead of an eraser for said chalkboard, the professors use a wet sponge. Girls lift weights just as much as the guys in the gym. In humanities classes in particular, it is common that the student must first … Continue reading Quirky Cultural Differences #4: Norway

Quirky Cultural Differences #3: Norway

Some of these aren't so quirky anymore, but I like the title. Professors and people of higher stations prefer to be called by their first names more than more formal titles of respect. Student organizations/unions aren't always school specific. People often travel alone. The public bathroom at the McDonald's had a small room with a … Continue reading Quirky Cultural Differences #3: Norway

Quirky Cultural Differences #2: Norway

I have seen at least four people here cross-country skiing. In August. With the poles, and wheels attached to their skis. (To Europeans: this seems entirely ridiculous to North Americans.) Dorms on campus are uncommon (although not unheard of). Museums consider winter to start in September. A line of people, as in for a ride … Continue reading Quirky Cultural Differences #2: Norway