Why Music Is Universal

Recently I've started listening to kpop, and for my new friends this is strange and somewhat laughable, but for my friends who have known me longer it's nothing out of the ordinary. I've been listening to music in other languages since I discovered German and Russian music in middle school (Tokio Hotel and t.A.T.u. to … Continue reading Why Music Is Universal

5 Musicians You Should Probably Start Listening To

You're savvy, you spend a substantial amount of time on the internet, keeping up with the latest trends. But just in case you were hiding under a rock somewhere (or I guess you could have an actual life outside...), here are five great up-and-coming artists you should probably start listening to, in no particular order. … Continue reading 5 Musicians You Should Probably Start Listening To

Summer Favorites 2015

With summer wrapping up and everyone heading back to school, I thought I would try something a bit new for me (though certainly not for the internet) and tell you about some of my favorite things this summer! Why am I doing this, you wonder? Well, quite simply, I like talking about things that I … Continue reading Summer Favorites 2015

A Response for Representation

I think at this point apologizing for not blogging consistently is getting consistently boring, so instead I'll just jump right into today's topic: female representation. Woahhh, not a post I thought I'd be typing out, but something important to me. Just a warning, I haven't planned out exactly what I'm going to say or how … Continue reading A Response for Representation