Give Yourself Your Best Chance

You’re probably feeling the mid-term strain, the midterms and essays piling up and your face breaking out from stress. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, we are all incredibly stressed because this is the last stretch of the year before finals and there’s a lot going on. We’ve abandoned our diets and exercise regimes, we’re spending too much time on Netflix and even more time feeling guilty about it, and we don’t know how to handle what’s coming at us.

Don’t give up. Give yourself your best chance. Whether it’s school, work, or personal goals, don’t let yourself fall behind. Taking breaks sometimes is good, but don’t stop. Keep pushing.

Make schedules and lists for yourself so you see everything you have to do and when these things are due, and then start working backwards from there, setting goals for when you should have finished half of that paper.

Schedule in time to work out, and keep on top of your eating, because losing track of your health will only make you feel worse, and working out has shown to help relieve stress.

Schedule in time for you; watch an episode of your favourite show once a day, or spend an hour reading a book for fun. Have lunch with your friend, because everyone has to eat anyway. It’s not healthy to work all the time, just make sure these breaks are somewhat limited (as in don’t watch five episodes a day).

Do not sell yourself short. You can handle this, whatever it is. Life is stressful, but what matters is that you keep going. The only thing scarier than moving forward is falling behind, so make sure you have the best chance at success as you progress. And take care of yourself. x.


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