Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, and with it comes all sorts of feelings. Maybe you love Valentine’s Day and you can’t wait to spend it with your significant other. I’m not writing to you.

If, instead, you really could live without all of the pink hearts and hand-holding this weekend, here are some ways to pull through and enjoy the Hallmark holiday with your greatest love – yourself:

Buy yourself something nice. Just because you don’t have someone to show it off to right now doesn’t mean you can’t buy yourself some new lingerie. Or maybe a necklace, or perfume. Buying yourself something you’ve wanted for a while can help make you feel good, plus if you’re the one buying it you know it’ll be exactly what you want.

Buy yourself dinner. And dessert. You can go to a restaurant, but as you probably don’t want to be out alone with all of the couples, ordering in sounds like the best option. Order your favorite take-out meal, light some candles, and get the Netflix ready.

Take the evening off. Don’t think about school or work – the people on dates sure won’t be. Instead, put on your favorite movie, take a long bubble bath, read a book for fun. Spend your time however you prefer to – with no one else around, you don’t have to compromise.

Spend time with friends. This depends on your friends – if they have a significant other, they’ll be out of commission, and many who don’t will be whining about being alone. Find someone who won’t bring your mood down and have a platonic date night. Celebrate your awesome friendship because who needs romantic love when friendship is so great?

Get on those day-after chocolate sales. Seriously, it’s the best part of the holiday. Enjoy it.

Be in love with yourself. We are all our own worst critics, but today is not about the progress you need to make; today is about how far you’ve come. Today is about how amazing you are. Be kind to yourself. Feel comfortable and cute and cherish the things that make you you.

If you do any of these things, and/or lock yourself in your room and pretend it’s any other day and there’s really nothing to miss out on, you might be just fine. And remember, it really isn’t any more special to be with someone on this one day than any other out of the year, and loving yourself beats it all. x.


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