Silent Breaths & Silent Steps

Silent breaths were all she had left.
Silent steps to silent rooms with dirty men and toxic fumes
She knew this all would be her end but sleeping’s best when in the tomb.

Silent breaths. In. Out.
The dirty men led her to bed,
The toxic fumes, they fixed her head.

Silent steps. Left. Right.
When she was high the pain was gone.
When she was high she’d need no one.

Silent steps and silent breaths, one day soon it’d be her death
She wasn’t scared to meet her end.

Writer’s notes: I really don’t know guys. I came up with the first line, and then the second, and then the rest just kind of happened. It’s not my best but it’s still fun to share. I’m not demented I swear, I’m just creatively drawn to dark themes. Hope you’re all doing better than this girl! x.


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