An Experiment In World Building

In my many years of enthusiastically reading novel after novel, only one of them did I spend entertaining the idea that I could write a novel worth reading…and I was twelve. I’m pretty sure what little I had started before I gave up was a total rip-off of my then favorite novel, The Prophecy of the Stones, by Flavia Bujor. Needless to say my lack of creativity led me to throw in the towel before the race even really began.


This summer has been the first time I’ve entertained any similar idea since. With all of the reading I’ve been doing, I’ve been thinking that maybe instead of just absorbing all of these ideas and stories from others, I should strengthen my own mind by attempting to create some of my own.


This has led to new regular entries into my leather-bound journal entitled “An Exercise in World Building”. At least once a day I will sit down and write the things that exist in “my world”, each day adding at least five things, until eventually I will understand what “my world” is. Now, I don’t know if this will ever lead into anything concrete or not, but I only started yesterday and now have over 20 ideas about my world, which is pretty exciting!


Maybe I’m doing world building all wrong, but I would love to hear if any of you have tried something similar or have ideas of what’s in your world. Start small! My first entry looks something like “In my world there are: green skies, green eyes, grey eyes, oceans, and birds” ┬áThink about it, deep in your imagination, what’s in your world?

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