30 Day Challenge: Growth

Every year I find myself motivated at the new year, and every year I find that motivation dwindle quickly as the weight of a year's worth of commitments weighs down my shoulders. Sound familiar? I allowed myself to remain in motivation limbo at the start of the month, because I was only at work for … Continue reading 30 Day Challenge: Growth

Chronicling Korea: Always an English Teacher

Hi, hello, and welcome to a new series I'm starting titledĀ "Chronicling Korea," in which I will, well, chronicle my experiences here in Korea. From general cultural observations to distinctly unique anecdotes, this will be my way of ensuring that I neither override my entire online existence with foreigner-in-Korea related content, nor ignore my living situation … Continue reading Chronicling Korea: Always an English Teacher

Why Music Is Universal

Recently I've started listening to kpop, and for my new friends this is strange and somewhat laughable, but for my friends who have known me longer it's nothing out of the ordinary. I've been listening to music in other languages since I discovered German and Russian music in middle school (Tokio Hotel and t.A.T.u. to … Continue reading Why Music Is Universal