Put Yourself First

Hello lovely readers of my Motivation Monday posts, how is your Monday going? Did you have enough time to get ready in the morning? Have you eaten lunch today? Don't forget that it's important to get a little you time when you can and check in that you're doing alright. This can apply to everything … Continue reading Put Yourself First

Finding Motivation from the VMAs

A lot of the older generations claim that we millennials don't yet understand how the world works, and I'm not going to pretend as if we have it all figured out, but they don't understand how our world works, either. Last night were the MTV VMAs. Yeah, it's a bit of a shitshow in the … Continue reading Finding Motivation from the VMAs

9 Things I Learned At Vidcon

This last weekend I had the pleasure of attending vidcon for the first time, and it was AMAZING. I chose the brand new creator track, which meant I got to go to special panels about being a better youtuber in addition to the larger community events like q&a's and social issue panels. It was three … Continue reading 9 Things I Learned At Vidcon

Things Go Wrong, Deal With It.

I told myself I would write a new blog post every Saturday, so here goes nothing: This past week I've been working hard, trying to balance school and work and maybe actually doing homework sometimes. It's had more ups than downs and overall I'm highly satisfied, but one day that stuck out most was Wednesday. … Continue reading Things Go Wrong, Deal With It.