Letters From Exchange: The First One

I'm going to preface this for any readers that, as I often enjoy using this blog as a diary of sorts, I will now continue to do so in letters to myself entitled "Letters from Exchange" (I suppose that title will have to change when I'm no longer on exchange, but I can't be bothered … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The First One

Thoughts Before My Final (Word Vomit)

Why don't I ever focus? Do I just honestly care so little? I think my faith that things will always work out permits my general laziness to overtake any determination to focus on something that feels like actual work. Sure, tonight it's a youtube addiction, but if it weren't that it'd be Tumblr or something … Continue reading Thoughts Before My Final (Word Vomit)

Forming an Opinion

How does one form opinions? Because apparently it is something I need to get better at. Recently I had to write some essays for my history classes, and some of the feedback I received was that, while my essay was good, I needed to have more of an opinion. The information should only be a … Continue reading Forming an Opinion

I Suppose Some Apologies Are in Order

So I essentially fell off the face of the earth for two weeks. Sorry about that. It wasn't only here, if that makes you feel any better. I didn't leave my room for an entire week, and the week before I only did for two classes and grocery shopping once. It was kind of frightening, … Continue reading I Suppose Some Apologies Are in Order

How Being an Avid Fiction Reader Can Make You Feel Dumb

Before I knew it it was four in the morning and I had to be up in six hours and I simply didn't care. I momentarily thought about going back to that academic reading since I was now so awake, but I knew it wouldn't work. I knew that my energy was really adrenaline from the plot, and that no matter how much I live and love to learn, working-class politics of Victorian London was not going to inspire the same kind of focus and alertness in me as Dashner's plot twists. And to be honest, I felt a little dumb for it.